Installing Lego Mindstorm NXT Fantom Driver on 64bit-Windows

If you try to install the Lego NXT-Fantom Driver (which is necessary to install Lejos to NXT-Mindstorm-Bricks), and you just downloaded the current Driver from Lego’s Download-Site, your installation will fail if you are using a 64bit-Windows. The reason for this is a slightly defect setup.ini-file, which refers to a LegoMindstormsNXTdriver64Supp.msi which does not exist.

I don’t know when Lego will fix this (current version 1.2.0 still has the problem), but there is an easy workaround:

  • Download the File, Unzip it
  • Go to „NXT Fantom Drivers\NXT Fantom Drivers\Windows\1.2\1.2.0, open setup.ini in your favorite editor (still using notepad???)
  • Search for the line „[LegoMindstormsNXTdriver64Supp.msi]“
  • In the next line, enter another, valid path (even if it has nothing to do with the Driver-Support). e.g. change it to „Path=Products\LEGO_NXT_Driver_64\NXT_D02\LegoMindstormsNXTdriver64.msi“. Save the file
  • Start the normal setup.exe
  • When the installer asks you which components you want do install, deselect the „LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT x64 Driver Support“ LegoInstaller
  • Finish the rest of the installer with the defaults, everything should run smooth now. The Driver-Support files are not necessary for normal use

One last thing: Lejos needs a 32bit-JDK, which is not included in the 64bit-JDK. On 64bit-Windows, you probably want to install both JDKs.